Divorce Appraisals

Divorce is a difficult and painful process. It involves the process of deciding who, if either spouse, retains the house when real estate is involved. This could be your personal house, land or investment property that is owned within the marriage. Typically, in divorce, the real estate is either sold or one party stays in the house and the other spouse is paid out equity. In either case, both parties should have a real estate appraisal completed for each property owned.

Working individually or with your attorney handling the divorce, we can make sure the real estate appraisal is completed to determine the Fair Market Value for each property involved. This can include a retrospective appraisal – an effective date of the report that matches the date of divorce or filing date.

At Maready Associates, we work to provide our clients with property valuation and report details that each unique real estate/divorce situation requires. We respect the needs of our clients and the privacy of every divorce situation.

Working with our office will assure that you receive the best in professional service and the highest quality of appraisal reports.

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