Education Is Key To Good Results!

Did you that the North Carolina Appraisal Board has continuing education requirements?

Continuing education is key in this profession. Regular continuing education classes help to keep your North Carolina appraisers up to date! These classes can cover recent changes keeping current information on the forefront! Many of these classes comprise of regulation guidelines or specialize in how to handle specific types of appraisals, such as when dealing with divorce or foreclosure. Our office is skilled in handing complex assignments with many years of service under the belt.

We strive hard within the office of Maready Associates to keep our education a top priority for our client needs!

Our office is available for any appraisal services within the greater Eastern North Carolina area!

Maready Associates covers Onslow, Carteret, Craven, Jones, Pender, and New Hanover counties. We are here to serve the local counties for any appraisal needs that may arise.

Our telephone number at Maready Associates is 910-326-6511!

We are always glad to speak with you on your specific needs!

An Appraisal – A New Year!

What would you like to accomplish in this new year? A new year means new goals and new ways to achieve them. A fresh appraisal could help you with your yearly goals.

We can help you with any real estate needs you may have this new year! Please contact our office for a consultation on how we can help you start this new year off with a bang!

We currently cover the following counties in Eastern North Carolina: Onslow County, Carteret County, Pender County, New Hanover County, Jones County, and Craven County!  These counties include many of the poplar local towns and cities such as Jacksonville, Holly Ridge, Hampstead, Wilmington, Carolina Beach, New Bern, Havelock, Morehead City, Cape Carteret, Swansboro, Maysville and so much more!

We can help with your estate planning as well as other things such as property settlement or pricing.

We can assist with all your appraisal needs in various ways and look forward to speaking with you on how we can accomplish these goals!



Reasons To Get An Appraisal

Each year, countless appraisals are completed for individuals in the United States. Appraisals are completed in the process of buying or selling a home, or in the process of refinancing a home. Each of these appraisals are helping families achieve their American Dream of homeownership. It’s an understood important part of the financing process of homeownership. It allows an expert to assure a buyer is not spending too much on a property.

But there are many other reasons to get an appraisal! There are times that having a certified independent real estate appraiser come in handy! Such times would include:

-Estate Settlement

-Divorce Settlement

-PMI Removal


Unlike a real estate agent, an appraiser has no vested interest in the amount your property is listed, or sold for while on the market. Appraiser fees are based on the efforts used to complete the appraisal report, and not a percentage of a sales price. Therefore, an independent appraisal can help a homeowner make the best decision on investing in a home and setting a fair sales price.

Call our office with any questions you may have in the appraisal process, and how we can help you with your goals at 910-326-6511.


How long will my appraisal service take?

How long will my appraisal service take?

Some appraisal services take longer than others, depending on the complexity of your property. The time on site will be enough time for the Appraiser to measure the outside walls, walk through the property, gather information on updates / potential issues, and take photographs. Once that portion of the Appraisal Service is done the Appraiser will leave the property and continue working on generating a property valuation.

This information will then be matched with their research on comparable property sales, market research, neighborhood trends, any projected repair costs, etc. Most of the time required to generate a professional real estate appraisal is done off site. We are aware deadlines may be present and will do everything within our power to meet those deadlines for you.

What to do before the Appraiser arrives?

What should I do before my appraiser arrives?

There is no need to stress out prior to an Appraiser arriving. The Appraiser is there to calculate the value of the real estate, as long as the appraiser can safely move around the property everything will be fine. If you have pets, you will need to keep them under control. Please inform the Appraiser if you have recently performed renovations, improvements or your property has any known defects. Also please provide the Appraiser with any of the following that you may had available: Copy of your deed; Copy of a tax bill; Any property restrictions and HOA information.